This Friday, Elm City Cycling’s monthly free breakfast event will unite sustainable transportation with sustainable power. The breakfast, which last month brought out a record one hundred cyclists, will be sponsored by Phoenix Press, New Haven’s home-grown print shop powered by its own wind turbine to provide clean, renewable energy for its operations. All kinds of cyclists are expected on all sorts of conveyances: sleek racing bikes, practical hybrids, folding bikes, cargo bikes, a pedicab and perhaps a unicycle. Phoenix proprietor Brian Driscoll will address the gathered throng briefly around 8:30 a.m., and we’ll be awarding our “Commuter of the Month” certificate to Paula Moody, executive director of the St. Francis Home for Children in New Haven, who bikes in from Middletown.

Details below:
Elm City Cycling presents Bike to Work Day free breakfast to cyclists and commuting pedestrians on Friday, Aug. 19, from 7:30-9:30 a.m. in Pitkin Plaza on Orange Street between Chapel and Court streets. Breakfast provided by Bru Cafe. Sponsored by Phoenix Press…Wind to Print. For more information contact or call 203.287.9811.


CT Folk is thrilled to announce the third annual Tour des Farms, a day-long bicycle ride to take place on Saturday, August 20. Starting at Treat Farm in Orange, the Tour will take cyclists to local farms, gardens, and other agricultural treasures along the 25-mile route. At each stop along the road, riders will be entertained by a Connecticut-grown musician. Stops include: Massaro Community FarmSavino VineyardsField View Farm, and the Ansonia Nature Center.


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Philip Langdon explores what 2 other cities are doing to discourage automobile traffic and enhance humane conditions via bike-sharing.

When I rode with Sebastian, he noted a young woman in a dress who looked perfectly comfortable pedaling calmly through downtown. In the past, Sebastian observed, biking was largely the province of risk-taking males. Now, with bike-sharing and more civilized streets, biking is expanding its appeal, attracting the risk-averse. As these changes take hold, the urban environment should become better for everyone.

New Urban News, “Sharing Bikes, Taming Streets” August 5, 2011

Three mornings a week for the past couple of months, LaChance. who’ll be 60 in August, has set up shop outside the Orange Street Market and the Orange Street Liquor Shop. He wheels a wagon—emblazoned with “The Goatville Cyclesmith LLC, A Shade Tree Mechanic”—packed with bike tools from his home three blocks away on Bishop Street.

New Haven Independent, “Hey, Can You Fix This?” August 4, 2011.


We are a bicycle recycling collective, our mission is to:

  • Be a shelter for broken and abused bikes
  • Repair and refurbish those bikes
  • Teach each other how to repair and maintain bikes
  • Eliminate the barrier of money from owning and riding a well-tuned bike

New Haven Bike Collective – July Update!

New Haven Free Store

Elm City Cycling’s Ice Cream Rides are Back!

Join us this Wednesday (July 14) at 5:30PM at the flagpole of the New Haven Green for this week’s Ice Cream Social ride. We leave promptly at 5:45PM and will be going to West Haven/Woodmont for your choice of ice cream parlors

The Brotherhood Leadership Summit Monday evening pedaled through a part of Newhallville that outsiders call dangerous, but what members call “The Promise Land.”

Brotherhood Leadership Summit pedals to save New Haven’s Newhallville