Origins 2/25/2010

In the early days of cycling, it took a great deal of effort to control the newly designed instrument. As it was a new invention, there was still much room for improvement. To begin with, early bicycles were made entirely of iron including the wheels. Brakes, gears, and general comfort were entirely absent from the early designs. Most importantly, there was no precedent for riding and balancing in such a manner. It was vastly different from riding a horse or any other beast. The human body had simply never experienced the sensation of balance and self-propulsion that the bicycle introduced.

The Undisputed Original 1/08/2010

This design of bag has been used in the transportation of mail and goods by numerous types of messengers, including Pony Express riders, postal workers, messengers on foot (especially in ancient times), and bicycle couriers. Some Royal Mail carriers in the United Kingdom currently use large messenger bags to deliver mail.

Local Boy Makes Good 11/18/2009

New Haven’s Sean Milnes has been making some noise as Open Bicycle’s first rider for their new team. A couple weeks ago Open put some nice pics up, and then the latest is this video from Quarter Productions. Nice, Sean!

Yale – Vassar Bike Race 1952 9/06/2009

Here’s a nice piece of Yale history I just discovered: For a time, the Yale-Vassar Bike Race was an annual mixer for the two colleges centered around a race from New Haven to Poughkeepsie. Life Magazine chronicled the events in 1952 in the best way they know how – with beautiful black and white photos.


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