Philip Langdon explores what 2 other cities are doing to discourage automobile traffic and enhance humane conditions via bike-sharing.

When I rode with Sebastian, he noted a young woman in a dress who looked perfectly comfortable pedaling calmly through downtown. In the past, Sebastian observed, biking was largely the province of risk-taking males. Now, with bike-sharing and more civilized streets, biking is expanding its appeal, attracting the risk-averse. As these changes take hold, the urban environment should become better for everyone.

New Urban News, “Sharing Bikes, Taming Streets” August 5, 2011


The NRDC has recently named New Haven, among 15 winners, as a “Smarter City,” due to our existing transportation infrastructure, as well as recent initiatives aimed at improving travel in the city.

Read the summary, here.

More and more, musicians like New Haven’s own Taylor Ho Bynum have been gearing up to hit the road and perform their music with nothing but their  bikes!

Pedicab hits the streets of New Haven:



“Who Cares: This generation just isn’t into driving” “Today’s teenagers and the “millennials” that preceded them don’t seem to be in as much of a hurry. When it comes to cars, well, they’re just not that into them.”

“Fixing the Great Mistake: Autocentric Development “Fixing the Great Mistake” is a new Streetfilms series that examines what went wrong in the early part of the 20th Century, when our cities began catering to the automobile, and how those decisions continue to affect our lives today.

“The Wheel Deal: Students build spokeless bicycle”

“CT Legislation Would Promote Safer Streets” “The first bill (HB 5386) would designate 10% of existing flexible federal funding sources — specifically, the Highway Safety Improvement Program, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program, and National Highway Safety 402 Funds — to create a competitive grant program for municipal projects that would improve bicycle, pedestrian and transit access infrastructure.”

“Editorial: Make room for bikes

“Finding balance between bikes and train passenger space is a priority, officials say”