Back from the dead….


Apparently, being dead for 7 years is nothing.

Zombies sometimes wake up after decades of ‘rest’ still eager to feed their hunger, with no idea how they got there.

The Rose of Jericho can lie dormant for years and be resurrected by a single drop of water.

In 1992, Michael Jordan surprised everyone with his sudden retirement from basketball only to show up months later on a baseball field trying out for the Chicago White Sox.

Meanwhile, during ‘retirement’, he found time to film the critically-acclaimed sports drama, Space Jam. Then, suddenly, he returned to basketball in 1995 and led the Bulls to another three-peat.

Then he retired again in 1999.

Jordan said he was “99.9%” certain he would not return after that.

Guess what happened?

I promise I won’t do this again.

Things this blog has just been compared to:

  • Zombie people
  • Zombie plants
  • Michael Jordan



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