Riding to the East Shore (from Downtown)

There are two ways about this. The primary route is across the Tomlinson Bridge as most people already know. However, there’s been some construction recently which narrows the bridge to only one lane in each direction on the Eastern end. That can make for some potentially dangerous scenarios since drivers occasionally forget to yield to slow-moving traffic like bicycles, and wait to pass safely. In addition there’s been a history of problems associated with the dangerous railroad crossing on the Eastern end of the bridge. ECC and other individuals and groups have been hard at work bringing attention to this issue. To read more about that click here.

The secondary route to the East Shore will bring you through the Southern part of Fair Haven across the Ferry Street Bridge and through the Annex –  a very nice ride, and a little quieter than Route 1.

Check out both routes below:

1. Tomlinson Bridge:

2. Ferry Street Bridge:


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