Tour des Farms 2010; Street Smarts Cycling Event; plus, Q & A about biking to work!

Tour Des Farms – August 1, 2010: CT Folk’s Tour des Farms is a day-long, 25-mile leisure bicycle ride on Sunday, August 1 to local farms, greenhouses, orchards, and historic sites in the greater New Haven area. The route winds through lightly travelled scenic country roads, rolling hills, pleasant residential streets and a few miles on a paved linear park through Hamden, North Haven, and Cheshire. At each stop along the road, riders will be entertained by a Connecticut-grown musician.

Street Smarts Cycling Event – July 17, 2010: In an effort to keep building the cycling culture, the city will hold a Street Smarts Cycling Celebration July 17 at East Rock Park. The roads around East Rock Park will be closed for the day, according to Michael Piscitelli, director of the Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking. The event will start “bright and early,” at 9 a.m., Piscitelli said. It will end at 5 p.m. There will be a scavenger hunt geared toward bike riders, and a free carnival.

It’s a great time to Bike to Work! Q: Why do you ride your bikes to work? A: Riding bikes is fun, and a great way to start a workday. We arrive at our offices refreshed and energized. We also like knowing that we are reducing our reliance on petrochemicals.


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