Glassman to join DeStefano on bike ride; Rededication of Lallement Plaque; “Prepare to Share”

Glassman to join DeStefano on bike rideThe event will stress the importance of everyday riding not only for recreation, but also as a legitimate alternative to motorized transportation in New Haven. The town is currently planning a housing development along the path and near Science Park, which will create new options for housing and additional jobs. Both Glassman and DeStefano welcome riders of all levels, and hope that residents will join them on the ride.

Glassman unveils new bicycle policy

Penny-Farthings Help Rededicate Bike Plaque

Going the Extra Mile for a Good CauseCharles Negaro is in for a memorable ride. The well known Connecticut bread baker, entrepreneur, and contributor to community and charitable causes, is in training for the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge on August 7th & 8th. The Pan-Mass, also called the Jimmy Fund, is the nation’s original bike-a-thon, a long distance cycling event that has raised more money than any other athletic fundraiser in the country.

Prepare To Share“Sharrows” will appear on city streets within six weeks, encouraging motorists and cyclists to share the road.


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