Getting to the Train Station

This has been a big issue for New Haven commuters and travellers for a long time. There is no clear route to Union Station and many of the streets leading there can be sometimes daunting, and not exactly “friendly” for beginner cyclists. However, if you have a little experience, getting to the train station is really quite easy. Depending on where you start from, it will only take you  5-30 minutes to get there, and most routes are pretty level. If you’re interested in biking to Union Station, here are some routes from various neighborhoods across town (some overlapping).

The routes below are ordered as follows: beginning in the North with Newhallville/Dixwell and moving around the compass clockwise through the parts of town East, South, and West, and eventually returning to the North at West Rock.

From Newhallville and Dixwell:

From Prospect Hill:

From East Rock :

From Q-Terrace and Chatham Square:

From Fair Haven Heights:

From the East Shore and Annex:

From City Point and Hill South:

From Hill North:

From West River:

From Westville, Edgewood and Dwight:

From Amity and Beverly Hills:

From West Hills and Beaver Hills:

From West Rock:


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