Whalley Corridor Study, Healthy Communities, Recycled Bicycles, and Roundabouts…

Whalley Avenue Corridor Study – The Southern Connecticut Region of Governments (SCROG) is currently conducting a study of the Whalley Avenue Corridor, east of the current DOT project, from Howe to Emerson St. If you missed the first meeting there will be another sometime in May. Check back for more details.

“The Study is evaluating transportation and related issues and opportunities along Whalley Avenue. The goal of the study is to recommend changes to the corridor that improve the accommodation of all users – pedestrians, transit riders, bicyclists and motor vehicles – while promoting economic development, sustainability and livability within New Haven.”

“Healthy Community Planning – What It’s Worth” – Just as SCROG is reaching out to the community for input on the Whalley Corridor Study, Todd Litman has a great piece on the value of vibrant communities.

The U.S. currently lags the OECD average lifespan by about one year. This poor health performance can largely be explained by high rates of automobile-dependency, which results in high rates of traffic fatalities and diseases associated with sedentary living compared with peer countries. Described more positively, transportation and land use planners can help imporve public health and reduce medical costs by  creating more walkable and bikable communities, so more people achieve their twenty daily minutes of moderate physical activity during their normal local travel.

Recycled Bicycles“The idea is simple: Get old bikes, fix them up and give them to people, who need transportation. Clients in the past couple years include ex-convicts, who otherwise would not be able to get to work, and people who have lost jobs and have no income to pay for public transit. They’ve also given bikes to lower-income families. Last year, Connecticut Bike Project gave away 1,150 bikes.”

“Eco Man – A road less traveled” – Connecticut transportation advocate, Richard Stowe, travels to a far away, magical place full of roundabouts. Can you guess where he is?

“I am writing this column from an undisclosed location. I have told almost no one where I am — not Maria, my brothers, cousins or friends from New Haven and Fairfield counties. I made no reservations for accommodations in advance and upon my arrival I have left no credit card trace. I am where I have never ever been. Nor will I reveal to you where I am. I want you to relate my observations of this land to Connecticut; not focus on its landscape or cultural geography.”



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