Google Maps adds “Bicycling” option; Grading the Senate Bike Caucus & more

Google Maps launches “Bicycling” option Let’s say you want to bike to work, or maybe you want to drive less and spend more time outdoors. Biking directions can help you find a convenient and efficient route that makes use of dedicated bike trails or lanes and avoids hills whenever possible.

“Politicycle: Should your Senator be booted from the Senate Bike Caucus” Christopher Dodd D-CT: Voted with the League of American Bicyclists on two key votes and cosponsors two bicycle friendly pieces of legislation. Voted against requiring that the Senate consider cap and trade. Voted for the fringe benefit for cyclists. Voted yes on funding Cash for Clunkers. Has voted with Democrats 98 percent of the time. Has vowed to pass the Livable Communities Act. Has argued that bikes belong on trains. However, he plans to retire soon. Bottom line: You won’t catch Dodd out riding, but he values the role bicycles can play in our transportation system. It’s unfortunate that he’s on the way out.

“Dodd Vows to Pass Livability Bill Amid Skepticism From Rural Senators”

“Group studies walk-bike trail linking Norwalk to Danbury”


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