New Haven Neighborhood Quality of Life SURVEY 2010

New Haven’s various Community Management Teams (CMTs) and the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven along with DataHaven are conducting an important survey to assess the needs of individual communities throughout New Haven. Please participate, even if you don’t live in New Haven (residency not required). If you just work or shop here, you might still have some input. Anyone can take the survey here:

This Survey and Workshop process will provide a starting point for each CMT and/or neighborhood to form their own plan of action around local quality of life concerns. By engaging additional residents, these problem-solving teams will attract new members, thereby increasing their future ability to take action.

You DO NOT need to be a current resident of any of the neighborhoods in New Haven in order to complete the survey; we welcome area business owners as well as employees, visitors, and shoppers. The participating Management Teams and sponsors thank you in advance for your responses. Your continued involvement will be vital as we work together to improve our neighborhoods. For more information on how to get involved in your local neighborhood please email or call 203.936.9643.


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